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The Name

Flowers have the mysterious ability to break your heart as they simultaneously restore it- they instantly connect you to the earth, and hold you captive by their ephemeral beauty.

Strega (italian for ‘witch’) Flora stems from our deep appreciation for the healing power of nature and its bewitching flowers.

The Studio

Inspired by her love of creating, and influenced by her bucolic childhood in Hawaii, Nikki launched Strega Flora in Los Angeles- her new home. Her style is uniquely vibrant and ethereal- romantic with an edge, with a strong focus on seasonality and site-specificity.

We have a passion for creating worlds with our design, for telling complete, cohesive stories. Every client, space, and flower is unique- every arrangement is an opportunity to make new magic, to tell a new tale.

Our goal is to create collaborative, trusting relationships with our clients- that allows us to explore and do what we do best: crafting memorable and meaningful work while gently (and lovingly) turning traditional event design on it’s head, while interpreting the important and emotional moments we mark life with through art.

She relishes the opportunity to travel and to collaborate with fellow creatives- if that’s you, drop her a line!